Spray for goodness sake

Time to freshn’ up you’re mattress, well everyone’s mattress. We have designed the ultimate mattress spray.  Australian Made - No Bed Bugs.

No Brainer

When was the last time you refreshed your mattress? We clean our sheets, but when do we pay attention to our mattress? This is the solution.

Hotel Motel

We supply to hotels & motels across Australia. We now bring this spray to your bedroom. See what all the fuss is about.

One of a kind

Made in Australia - Ultimate Mattress Spray

Ultimate Spray
  • Kills Bed Bugs

    Sorry to say but you’re mattress is full of germs. Goodbye Bed Bugs & Lice, It’s all about a fresh clean sleep. Change your sheets, spray some funky fresh.

  • Eucalyptus Infused

    Smells good, the relaxing fresh component of Eucalyptus. That Australian freshness. 

  • Made for everyone

    No Harsh chemicals, spray directly on any mattress. For the whole family. 

  • Australian Made

    Made in Melbourne, Australia & shipped across the world.

Learn about the magic

  • Bottled in Victoria, Australia

    Every bottle goodness is hand made in melbourne, then delivered to you. Anywhere in the world. 100% Australian Owned & Operated.

  • Mattress Must Have

    Where do you end up every night? Or during the day? Smells good and feel fresh. When was the last time you refreshed or cleaned your mattress? 

  • That Eucalyptus smell

    We wanted to provide aussie freshness, infused with Eucalyptus. All Natural.

  • Freshness Approved

    Our littles ones get up to so much mischief. Our spray can be used from kids mattresses, hotels - well anyone.

The Fresh Effect

Easy Fast Delivery

Sent from Victoria, Australia and delivered across the world.

Limited Edition

We want to make sure we put the magic touch in every bottle. We only make 100 Per batch.

Not happy Jan

100% Happiness is what we are about. Not happy with your FF? Contact us.

Fresh Lovers

Love my Funky Fresh. Refreshed my mattress in minutes.

Now part of our normal cleaning routine when we change all the bedding in our house.

I’ve had my mattress for about 3 years & wanted to find a way to rejuvenate it. Thanks FF.

Did you know?

Funky Fresh is commercial grade solution which is sold to commercial, hotels, motels, FIFO working locations & more. Natural alternative to harsh chemicals.

Mr International

We ship across the world, the demand for our Australian Made Ultimate Mattress Spray is in high demand.